Note: The article relates to working with local media files.
It does not apply video streaming from the cloud.

Ooona Agent is a plugin for analyzing video. It generates audio wave and detects scene changes in the video file loaded from your local hard drive.
It requires one time installation. If you need to work with audio waveform and shot changes, you must have the Agent running in the background.
The Agent is also used for video rendering with Burn and Encode app.

To download the Agent, simply try to open a video with it and when the software won't find it on your system you'll receive a download link.

The Agent is free for use together with a valid license for one of our Pro tools. No additional license is required to use it.

The Agent connects to the Internet via HTTP(S) – ports 80 and 443 respectively.
Port 57342 (or higher) is required only for local communication.
The Agent will NOT upload any of your actual video or audio to anywhere. It only saves metadata such as the framerate, aspect ratio, waveform and shotchanges.

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