As the name indicates, these settings allow users to configure general aspects of a project, such as:

  • Mode: Users may choose if their file is going to be used in open/subtitle
    or closed captioning, or teletext.
  • Language 1/2: Allows users to define primary and secondary languages
    that will be used for creating Bi-lingual filesĀ 
  • Font 1/2: This field lets translators choose primary and secondary fonts
    that will be used for creating Bi-lingual files
  • Default align: Defines the default horizontal alignment of new subtitles;
  • Default Justification: Defines the default justification within the selected alignment;
  • Default Box: Allows to choose the default box to present in new subtitles;
  • Default Outline: Defines the different outlines for new subtitles;
  • Right-to-Left: Box needs to be checked only when using a Right-to-Left language like Arabic or Hebrew.
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